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Hair Type

I have a Hair Type?

Yep. You have a type. Wait, what? No, this is not the part where we talk about the tall, dark and handsome stranger you met on a bus. We’re talking about your hair type, of course.

Okay, got it! So, what’s my hair type? 

If you don’t know what your hair type is, that’s absolutely okay. Read on! Let’s help you figure it out!


3c hair tightly coiled

Type 3c curls resemble tight corkscrews and are about the width of a pencil or straw. If your curls wrap comfortably around a pencil, you probably have 3C hair.  Type 3c curls are finer in texture, though packed tightly together on the head.

Quick Tips

  • Gently enhance and safely stretch without heat using a twist-out, bantu-knot out, flexi rod set, or perm rod set
  • Use a medium hold natural gel that isn’t harsh but provides definition
  • Do a scalp massage weekly, especially after washing hair for natural volume lift while maintaining even curl pattern throughout
  • Deep condition once a week for 30 minutes to retain elasticity and moisture

Lightweight stylers such as gel-creams, sprays, and even mousses work wonders on type 3 hair. Because this curl pattern is not quite as coarse as type 4 hair, products with a heavier consistency–like shea butter or olive oil–may coat and weigh the strands down. You can use shea butter for deep conditions, but avoid daily use.

Curl Refresher

You would need a daily spritz with light oils like avocado oil.  For type 3s, this is commonly referred to as a curl refresher—and as the name suggests, a curl refresher refreshes and maintains your curls in between washes.


Type 4: Kinky Coily Hair

Type 4 tends to look very coarse but in reality, it’s actually very soft and the most fragile of all types. Most black Southern Africans have this type of hair texture (specifically 4b-4c or a combination). When people talk about ethnic hair, they’re often talking about this kind of hair.  4C hair needs the most patience and tender loving care and a lot of moisture.

2 black girls with blonde kinky curly natural hair

How do I grow my 4c hair?

The key to growing Type 4 hair is light oils and moisture. Lots of moisture. Type 4 hair tends to shrink at the mention of water (Yes! Remember all those times you were caught in the rain or went swimming and your hair disappeared?!).  Type 4 hair shrinks to about 75% of hair length with water. Want a full regimen for growing 4c hair? Learn about the LOC method here.

Black girl with kinky curly 4c natural hair

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