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So here’s the thing, when my sister and I started our natural hair journey, we were clueless! Can you believe we didn’t know what do to with the hair that grows from our scalps? Our hair had been relaxed ever since we could remember. Our natural hair was hard, dry and breaking. 

Nothing would work. And then we thought, what if we did an experiment for one year and one year only? What if we tried using natural products like shea butter? We did tons of research, spent hours figuring out what could work for our hair type. 

No matter what the media says, our hair is part of our hairitage, and a part of what makes us beautiful, bold phenomenal women.

And that’s when we decided that enough was enough.

The whole world needed to hear about the miracle product shea butter.  So, we started whipping up shea butter with local natural ingredients and gifting it to our friends and family. We started sharing natural hair tips and tricks. 

Pretty soon, other people wanted to join us on the journey. 

So here it is. Everything we know about growing healthy natural hair. 

And, here we are, helping women all over South Africa become bolder versions of themselves with beautiful hair. 

Join us?