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  1. What Are the Benefits of these Distressed Locs? 
  • Super easy to use for crochet braids and twisted styles 
  • Perfect for passion twists and other loc or dread styles
  • Great for the distressed faux locs look

Ok, Cool. How Many Packets Will I Need? If your hair is dense, you’ll need about 2 packets.

How Do I Maintain My Hairstyle? Spritz hair in the morning and evening and apply a nourishing scalp oil. Wash scalp once a week. Keep style in for maximum of 6 weeks to avoid matting.

What About My Natural Hair? To maintain your hairstyle, wrap your hair while showering and cover your hair with a satin headwrap when sleeping. Delivery Details? Delivery and processing takes upto 7  business days for faux locs.


Choose between medium length (20″) and shoulder length (12″)


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