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We’ve Changed Our Famous Formula. Our Formula now includes mango butter, avocado butter and cocoa butter. 

Still the same deliciously creamy whip packed with natural antioxidants and Vitamin E.
Shea butter Hair Smoothie – So, How Do I Use It?

Besides saving lives, coconut oil is packed with vitamins and essential oils to help your hair come back thicker and richer. It will also help your skin maintain it’s moisture.

So, you’ve gotten over the delicious fragrance of shea + coconut hair for hair and skin? And now you’re ready to glow?

     1. For heavenly skin, rub a little between warm hands and give your body the tender loving care it deserves! You go girl!

      2. For curly type 4 hair: once you’ve sprayed your hair with Moisture Me Daily Spritz, and an oil of your choice, you can seal in the moisture with this cream.

      3. Twist your hair in braids, or two strand twists and wrap in a shower cap and then cover for 30 minutes or overnight. You can wash it out or leave it in. 






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