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Super Naturals: Mulalo Dama on Self Care and Being Consistent

High maintenance hair routines? DIY skincare? Super Naturals is our new interview series featuring super women talking everything from hair care to self care.



“With braids, I make sure my hair is moisturized because sometimes, when I get my hair done, they use a moisturiser I don’t like. My spritz is Moisture Me, I love it because of the smell. It smells so good and it has this mentholly kind of feel to it when it’s in my hair, which makes it tingle. I also use olive oil and that’s about it. I don’t use the oil every day, but the spritzing I try to do every day because it just keeps that moisture in. 

My go-to protective style is thick braids, like box braids. When I go the salon, I make sure I have data, a charging port and earphones. 


I have very sensitive skin so I try to stick to one thing that works. I use daily essentials by Nivea. It’s something light to use. I make sure that I moisturise it with Epimax because I don’t like scented smells, because I’m just every sensitive. At night, I drench my face in coconut oil and that helps me to retain moisture. In the morning I start the whole routine again. I do exfoliate though, once a week, with activated charcoal, bicarbonate of soda, lemon, if I have and olive oil. My secret tip for healthy skin is water. [Laughs] Drink that water. 

Shea butter for natural hair saved my life. It’s like this thick protection over your hair, over your skin. It’s amazing. As soon as it came out onto the market, I was like all hands on deck. 


On a casual day, which is most days, it’s a nude lip, but I like exploring different kinds of nudes. It was very hard at first to get the right nude because I always looked hungry [Laughs]. I couldn’t get that right look. There’s this Mac Chestnut lipliner, which I like. I also definitely love a popping red, matte specifically with a dark lipliner just to bring my lips out. Highlight is life. I say use highlight over foundation. I’m not saying paint your face gold, please don’t. Just accentuate the high points in your face. 

I’m still exploring when it comes to foundation. I’m waiting for Fenty [Laughs]. Right now I’m using Clinique’s Even Better and the shade is amber. 


When I experience disappointment, I literally look at myself in the mirror and I tell myself, “Look, what’s done is done. You’re smart still, you’re beautiful still. You still have two hands, two feet, let’s do this! I pump myself with words. First you hate it, but all of a sudden you just have this internal confidence.” Want to watch the whole interview? Check it out here.


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